Privacy Policy

This policy applies to the MBA Adaptive Scheduler Mobile App.

Information We Collect

Marcia Brenner Associates, LLC does not collect or store any personally identifiable information regarding the app’s users on any servers. This includes names, emails, phone numbers, addresses or any other such personally identifiable information. The only information gathered is a number or ID used to represent the user, and the PowerSchool™ URL for the user’s School District. This information is required for the Adaptive Scheduler app to make requests for the user’s scheduling data to be displayed on the app.

Information Usage

Marcia Brenner Associates, LLC does not use any information it stores outside of what is required for the Adaptive Scheduler app to function. We do not log or store any user actions, location information, or any demographics information regarding the users of the app.


Crash analytics will be disabled under normal usage but may be collected and stored for up to 14 days for beta testers of the app. Information in the crash analytics includes app release version, device information, as well as a stack trace of the error.


All data sent to the app is transferred securely over HTTPS requests that are made to the PowerSchool™ API. The Adaptive Scheduler app does not store, transfer, or require any Usernames or Passwords.

Changes to this Policy
  • March 13, 2019: First Publish.