Adaptive Scheduler
Easily create resource courses and sessions, and schedule students flexibly throughout the week to attend different sessions each day.
  • Courses and session schedules created by administrators.
  • Students can be scheduled from the Admin, Teacher and Public portals.
Easily spot trends and make informed decisions. Internal alerts encourage timely responses and follow-up to behavior incidents.
  • Enhanced interface.
  • Maintain data related to roles, motivation, actions and more.
Speed up cafeteria lines by giving your food service manager and lunchroom cashiers access to the right information at the right time.
  • Easily generate line item transactions for meals and a la carte menu items.
  • Accurately report student lunch status eligibility counts by date.
Custom Alerts
Eliminate the need to create and maintain your own alerts. Save time and money with a plugin that does it all for you.
  • Create district-wide or school defined custom alerts for students.
  • Upload your own icons.
  • Quickly identify students connected to any core or custom field.
Device Manager
Create, assign and manage devices from District or School.
  • Set usage and insurance policies
  • Quickly mass assign and unassign devices
  • Manage damages and repairs
No longer manage transactions in DDA and solve the mystery of SOY balances. Built in reports provide greater transparency and detailed documentation.
  • Intuitive navigation and faster record entry and modification, including a delete button.
  • Easily waive and discount fees.
Obtain mass authorizations and instantly display data in a way that gives nurses a clear picture when administering medication.
  • Integrated with student health screens.
  • Maintain data related to medication authorization and distribution.
  • Record the history of medications that have been administered.
Report Card Creator
Drastically reduce the time it takes to create standards based or traditional report cards. Go paperless and save even more time and money.
  • Create sophisticated HTML report cards within PowerSchool.
  • Easily adaptable to individual school needs.
  • Design modifications made easy.
Plugins for PowerSchool available from MBA include:

  1. Adaptive Scheduler
  2. Behavior
  3. Café
  4. Custom Alerts
  5. Device Manager
  6. Fees
  7. Meds
  8. Report Card Creator

The following plugins are provided free of charge from MBA:

  1. MBA Customization Reference
  2. MBA ADA ADM Audit

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MBA’s customization team is here to help. MBA can help your school district achieve the maximum potential of PowerSchool by adding customizations to fit the unique needs of your school district. If your district has other unique needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will work with you to design a project tailored to your specific goals and needs.

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This PowerSchool plugin puts a powerful customization reference right on your PowerSchool server. Topics include the following.

The latest release includes the addition of a FusionCharts tab. This section walks the user through the process of creating charts within PowerSchool using the built-in FusionCharts JavaScript library. The Database Extensions reference has been updated as well. The new material includes a demonstration of creating standalone and one-to-many tables as well as the pages necessary to maintain data in those types of tables. Once installed, the reference pages can be accessed from the district office (Start Page > District Setup > MBA Customization Documentation)

Plugin Name Version Release Date Support Level
Not Supported

The ADA ADM Audit Report searches to identify common PowerSchool attendance configuration problems that lead to inaccurate reporting of average daily attendance (ADA) and average daily membership (ADM).

Plugin Name Version Release Date Support Level
Not Supported