This software helps school administrations with:
Financial Management

PowerSchool is an innovative, award-winning, easy-to-use Student Information System. Every day millions of stakeholders rely on PowerSchool to access student data and make insight-driven decisions that aid in student learning. By leveraging the latest web technologies and evolving web design standards, PowerSchool presents users with a clean interface that is easy to learn and easy to use.

Student Information System — The Mainstay of Every District

At Marcia Brenner Associates, we know that the Student Information System (SIS) is the cornerstone of your district. From reporting student attendance to posting quiz scores to the parent portal, your SIS provides the essential tools to manage processes and deliver direct insight into each child’s learning environment.

PowerSchool can enable administrators and teachers to make insight-driven decisions that aid in student learning. Combine these results with the Teach and Learn Cycle and you’ll discover an improvement in student performance, an increase in district efficiency, and a powerful connection with your external community.

Turning parent involvement into student achievement

PowerSchool’s powerful, easy-to-use communication tools enable students, parents, teachers, and administrators to work together to improve student achievement, without creating more administrative overhead. Online access to schedules, grades, homework, and attendance information makes it easy for parents and teachers to stay in close contact with student progress.

Marcia Brenner Associates, LLC has focused exclusively on providing administrative software solutions that have been helping school districts meet their administrative, financial and accountability objectives for more than 30 years. These time-tested solutions include:

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Web-based Student Information System
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