PowerScheduler Prepare to Build Series (4 Sessions)

1/8/202011:00am CST1.5 hours
1/15/202011:00am CST1.5 hours
1/22/202011:00am CST1.5 hours
1/29/202011:00am CST1.5 hours
There are four sessions in this webinar:

Prep to Build 1
• Define the full 2020-2021 year in Years & Terms on the Live side (needed so that the Course Catalog will have Available Courses for 20-21 year)
• Auto Scheduler Setup
• Set the Schedule Year
• Course Catalog
• Setting Next School Indicator for students on the Live Side
• Auto Fill Student Information in PowerScheduler

Prep to Build 2
• Entering Student Course Requests
o In PowerScheduler
o Mass adding Course Requests
o On the Live Side in Request Screens
o In the Public Portal in Request Screens
• Creating Course Groups and Request Screens

Prep to Build 3
• Course Prerequisites (used with Course Request Screens, or can run Invalid Requests in Group Functions after they are entered)
• Teacher Recommendations (used with Course Request Screens, or can run Invalid Requests in Group Functions after they are entered)
• Copying Master Schedule vs. Move Previous Year’s Data
• Defining Course Preferences
• Defining Teacher Preferences AND Teacher Assignments

Prep to Build 4
• Course Relationships
• Constraints
• Reports
• Build Course Rank
• Scheduling Engine Download
• Build Validation
• Resolve Build Validation Errors, review Warnings

COST: $280 for all four sessions
PAYMENT: A PO for the amount of the training session must be made out to Marcia Brenner Associates and emailed to ap@mba-link.com to confirm seating. Once we receive the PO, we will confirm your spot in the webinar. If you wish to pay by credit card you will be able to do so once you receive an invoice. Please be sure to include the email address to send invoices to when completing the registration form.

TERMS OF REGISTRATION: Cancellation Policy - Registrant shall pay a cancellation fee equal to fifty percent (50%) of the Webinar Cost and any processing fees if registrant cancels less than five (5) business days before the occurrence of any webinar. "No Shows" for webinars will be charged the full class fee plus any service fees.


Marcia Brenner Associates
8017 Excelsior Drive, Suite 120
Madison, WI 53717

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