Getting Wise about WISE

Greetings and Welcome to the world of WISEid and WISEdata reporting! Both DPI and Marcia Brenner Associates (MBA) have been getting quite a few support calls regarding the setup and reporting processes used by the WISE portal. Most of the questions submitted can be addressed by referring to resources that are readily available, so we’re pleased to provide you with some tips, tricks and links that will hopefully save you some time waiting in the support queues. Please take a few minutes to review the following information and become familiar with the links to various web pages that will provide guidance for your WISE journey.

MBA is pleased to be able to provide a webinar series called “WISE Fridays” where we review DPI’s WISE reporting programs, old and new, and offer tips and tricks followed by a question/answer segment. These webinars are offered at 10am normally every other Friday, free of charge, for our Wisconsin PowerSchool users. Register by navigating to the Webinars link shown at the top of the screen.

Each webinar will be recorded so feel free to view any of the previous webinars by clicking on the webinars calendar.

New! ROSTER is the name of the data collection that replaces the CWCS file submission process. ROSTER will be submitted through Ed-Fi, just as your student demographic and enrollment records are submitted now. DPI has updated the SCED/DPI Course Code listing on January 19th, adding just a few new course codes, updating definitions and titles of 10 others and the remaining 2045 stayed the same as released in February of 2016. For assistance with your WISEdata Roster Submission please refer to: MBA's WISEdata Roster Submission Guide

There is no snapshot of Roster data for the 2016-17 and 2017-18 school years, but DPI has now set a deadline for submission as July 31, 2018, with the request that all school districts complete data submission by the last day of the school year.

The codes continue to be entered manually for each course after you decide which code and rigor level most appropriately reflect the course offered. Susan Rose-Adametz has info and the spreadsheet posted on the CWCS/Roster webpage,, as well as on the new Roster-Coursework Completion Data Google Community:

The following is a helpful document for getting the Ed-Fi Administration area setup in PowerSchool: WI Ed-Fi Reporting Implementation

Use the following link to review MBA’s WISEid Quick Start Guide to assist you with the process of generating your WISEid Upload for Students, uploading that file to DPI’s WISEid portal, collecting the data download file and importing student WISEids into PowerSchool: WISEid Quick Start Guide

Use the following link to review the Wisconsin State Reporting Guide found in PowerSource:

The following link will take you to the Wisconsin State Reporting Release Notes (current as of the date of this posting). (Be sure to review the current version made available at : Wisconsin State Reporting Release Notes

Be sure to bookmark This is your go-to website that will help you know what DPI is requiring through WISEdata collections. Many of the answers to questions asked through MBA and DPI support tickets can be found on DPI’s webpage.