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Self-Service Plugins

Let our PowerSchool experience work for you.

We are now offering additional plugins that you can download and start using right now!  Need more verbiage here, let’s work on this next time we meet about subscriptions.

Blank Attendance Report

Many states now require an attendance record for all attendance, not just absences.  As core PowerSchool still defaults “Present” as blank and therefore not creating an attendance record, it may be difficult to troubleshoot blank attendance records.  The MBA Blank Attendance Report assists districts and schools in finding and managing those attendance records that should exist but do not.

    • Find blank attendance records
    • Filter results by course, sections, students, teachers, date range
    • Works for both Meeting and Daily attendance
    • Easily update/create attendance records
    • Save report templates

Household Management

The MBA Household Management Plugin assists districts and schools in creating and managing household and family identification. Additionally, it provides an option to associate family and school representatives. The MBA Household Management Plugin seamlessly integrates with core PowerSchool.

    • Define family units for all students across all schools
    • Ability to create household and family units
    • Auto-generate IDs
    • Apply the same ID to selected students
    • Apply different IDs to selected students
    • Customize the view of student information on one page using filters and sorting
    • Representative alerts visible in the Teacher portal for teachers to see
    • Export data for review and analysis

Start of Year

The MBA SOY Validation Plugin alerts districts and schools of possible issues within their Start of Year setup. Content areas are displayed for easy review of the following:

    • System Settings
    • FTE Setup Validation
    • Final Grade Setup
    • Attendance Setup Issues
    • Student Enrollments
    • Missing State Student Numbers
    • Enrollment and Calendar Days Comparison
    • Student/Parent Web Access
    • Scheduling