MBA Plugins

Our powerful Plugins for PowerSchool help you do even more to enhance the PowerSchool SIS experience.

report creator

Create custom reports in minutes


Easily spot trends and make informed decisions


Easily manage transactions and balances

Adaptive Scheduler

Quickly build a schedule for Flex Periods

Alert Creator

Automate alerts to save time and money

Student Schedule Creator

Let students create their own class schedules

Device Manager +

Easily track and manage student and staff devices


Speed up cafeteria lines with fast & accurate information

Free Plugins for PowerSchool SIS

MBA Covid

Manage unique needs of a school district during a pandemic, including collecting self-assessment data for students and staff on a daily basis, alerting admin and teachers to students’ remote learning and/or quarantine status, and tracing student and staff contact with others based on schedules.

MBA Customization Reference

Put a powerful customization reference right on your PowerSchool server


Identify common PowerSchool attendance configuration problems and develop more accurate reporting

MBA School EOY Validation Report

Run a validation report to resolve any issues that would keep the EOY process from completing, and ensure that a student’s next year fields are correct.

MBA Teacher Email

Quickly and easily email students and designated parent/guardian contacts right from the PowerTeacher Portal.

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