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MBA Plugins for PowerSchool celebrating 40 years of innovation

Plugins for PowerSchool SIS

Do even more to enhance the PowerSchool SIS experience

Adaptive Scheduler

Quickly build a Schedule for Flex Periods


Understand & take action on behavior incidents


Greater transparency & documentation for transactions & balances

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After School Care

Effortlessly manage after school care


Access cafeteria information on-demand

Report Creator

Streamline report cards & much more

Alert Creator

Easily create & manage alerts


Visualize incident management & student data

Student Schedule Creator

Empower students to create their own schedules

Attendance Monitor

Take action on attendance patterns immediately

Device Manager +

Track & manage student and staff devices

Summer School

Sign-up and manage enrollements

Free Plugins for PowerSchool SIS

Do even more for free to enhance the PowerSchool SIS experience

ADA / ADM Audit

Identify attendance configuration problems

Data Reference & Resource

Reference and resource guide

P-EBT Attendance Report

Count attendance records for a date range

ADA/ADM By Student

View average daily attendance & more

Enrollment Summary

Compare enrollment data

Scheduling Resources

Review and edit Admin and Teacher recommendations


Manage district needs during a pandemic

EOY Validation Report

Resolve EOY process issues

Teacher Email

Email students and designated contacts

Customization Reference

Customization reference on your server

Grades Audit Report

Manage stored grade records

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PowerSchool Professional Services

Customizations, Training and Support to help you do more with PowerSchool


Fit the unique needs of your district

Professional Development

Webinars for skills, knowledge & confidence

Admin Support

Support plans, personalized training & much more

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PowerSchool Webinars

Webinars for implementation, best practices and more

Plugin Implementations

For customer implementations, user training and more

Best Practices & More

All are welcome for essential processes & more

Wisconsin WISE Reporting

Guidance on Wisconsin WISEdata reporting

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PowerSchool SIS Customizations

What can we build for you?

MBA can help your school district achieve the maximum potential of PowerSchool SIS by adding customizations to fit the unique needs of your school district.

We’ll work with you to design a project tailored to your specific goals and needs – even if you’re not entirely sure what those needs are! We can explore your issues and ideas together and share a solution perfectly suited for what you need.

PowerSchool Possibilities

Get inspired with a few real-world customizations we’ve built for schools and districts just like yours, and let’s explore what’s possible together.

Teacher Test Score Entry

PowerSchool Problem: A district needed the ability to let their teachers enter Test Scores for a reading assessment their students took 2 to 3 times per year.

Customization: Our custom PowerSchool SIS solution not only allowed the teachers to enter the scores, but we also developed reports to allow the teachers to see their student’s previous year scores.

Custom Student Number Assignment

PowerSchool Problem: In order to better organize, categorize and filter, a district needed to prepend a student’s 2-digit graduation year to their student ID number during the creation of a new student in PowerSchool.

Customization: Our custom PowerSchool SIS solution easily automates this process.

Staff Information Customization

PowerSchool Problem: Instead of using PowerSchool’s built-in single Staff Type dropdown menu, this district needed to be able to more precisely categorize staff.

Customization: Our custom PowerSchool SIS solution allows staff members to be assigned to a specific Category, Position and Department.

Let’s customize PowerSchool for you!

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