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MBA Plugins for PowerSchool celebrating 40 years of innovation

Plugins for PowerSchool SIS

Do even more to enhance the PowerSchool SIS experience

Adaptive Scheduler

Quickly build a Schedule for Flex Periods


Understand & take action on behavior incidents


Greater transparency & documentation for transactions & balances

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After School Care

Effortlessly manage after school care


Access cafeteria information on-demand

Report Creator

Streamline report cards & much more

Alert Creator

Easily create & manage alerts


Visualize incident management & student data

Student Schedule Creator

Empower students to create their own schedules

Attendance Monitor

Take action on attendance patterns immediately

Device Manager +

Track & manage student and staff devices

Summer School

Sign-up and manage enrollements

Free Plugins for PowerSchool SIS

Do even more for free to enhance the PowerSchool SIS experience

ADA / ADM Audit

Identify attendance configuration problems

Data Reference & Resource

Reference and resource guide

P-EBT Attendance Report

Count attendance records for a date range

ADA/ADM By Student

View average daily attendance & more

Enrollment Summary

Compare enrollment data

Scheduling Resources

Review and edit Admin and Teacher recommendations


Manage district needs during a pandemic

EOY Validation Report

Resolve EOY process issues

Teacher Email

Email students and designated contacts

Customization Reference

Customization reference on your server

Grades Audit Report

Manage stored grade records

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PowerSchool Professional Services

Customizations, Training and Support to help you do more with PowerSchool


Fit the unique needs of your district

Professional Development

Webinars for skills, knowledge & confidence

Admin Support

Support plans, personalized training & much more

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PowerSchool Webinars

Webinars for implementation, best practices and more

Plugin Implementations

For customer implementations, user training and more

Best Practices & More

All are welcome for essential processes & more

Wisconsin WISE Reporting

Guidance on Wisconsin WISEdata reporting

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March 2024

PowerScheduler Workshop Series – Prepare to Build (4 Sessions)

This is a four-session webinar series. During this lecture-based webinar series attendees will learn about: • Information Needed for Scheduling • Next School Year • Auto Scheduler Setup • Course Catalog • Auto Filling Student Information • Course Prerequisites • Teacher Recommendations • Course Groups and Course Screens • Student Requests • Course Preferences • […]
01 Mar
11:00 am - 1:00 pm

MBA PUFF (Plugin User Free Friday); Report Creator – How to Create a Student Module(s) – Part 1

MBA PUFF (Plugin User Free Friday); Report Creator End User Training – How to Create a Student Module(s) – Review how to create a Create Student Module(s). The Student Module(s) give a district an opportunity to create a page within the Report Creator to track information they couldn’t track prior, ie; Service Hours. We will […]
08 Mar
1:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Where Do I Start? New to PowerSchool (6 Sessions)

Are you new to PowerSchool or a user that missed getting basic PowerSchool training? If so, this 6-session series is for you. Learners will gain essential knowledge and build a solid foundation for using PowerSchool. The sessions include: PowerSchool 101, Group Functions, Searches and List Students, Quick Export and Excel, Reports in PowerSchool, and FERPA-What […]
12 Mar
10:00 am - 11:30 am

MBA SUMMER Plugin Implementation Training

This is the implementation training for MBA Student Schedule Creator – SUMMER SCHOOL Plugin. This training is for designated implementation technical contacts that have purchased the plugin and are currently in the implementation process. Implementation training is multi-district and train the trainer model. Plugin implementation training attendees will learn about the plugin’s configuration, functions, usage, […]
12 Mar
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

MBA Report Creator Plugin Implementation; Secondary Advanced Training – Transcripts, Other Reports, & Functions

This is the end user training for MBA Report Creator Plugin to get you started. This training is ONLY for customers that have purchased the MBA Report Creator Plugin and have completed the first part of required training for basic navigation of the Report Creator, if there is no one registered that this applies too, […]
12 Mar
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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