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ADA / ADM Audit

Identify common PowerSchool attendance configuration problems and develop more accurate reporting

ADA/ADM By Student

View students’ average daily attendance and daily membership information


Manage unique needs of a school district during a pandemic

Customization Reference

Put a powerful customization reference right on your PowerSchool server

Data Reference & Resource

Access an intuitive reference and resource guide right within PowerSchool SIS

Enrollment Summary

Compare enrollment data based on ethnicity, school, gender, age, city, and district of residence

EOY Validation Report

Resolve any issues that would keep the EOY process from completing

Grades Audit Report

Review, audit and export stored grade records with built-in filters for identifying issues and inconsistencies

P-EBT Attendance Report

Count attendance records for designated attendance codes for a specific date range

Scheduling Resources

Review and edit Admin and Teacher recommendations for the current year or next school year

Teacher Email

Quickly and easily email students and designated parent/guardian contacts