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Summer Sizzler

Save 15%

Student Schedule Creator • Adaptive “Flex” Scheduler

Save 20%

Fees • Cafe • Behavior • Attendance Monitor


Save 15% on Report Creator when bundled with any of the above!

Pricing good through August 31. Questions on pricing or how the Summer Sizzler plugins can work for you? Let’s talk!

Adaptive Scheduler

Build a schedule for Flex Periods to accommodate your remediation and enrichment offerings

Attendance Monitor

Engage and alert administration of attendance patterns, and parents can easily update attendance


Easily spot trends and send notifications to respond to behavior incidents


Food Service Directors and lunchroom cashiers have access to the right information at the right time


Eliminate managing transactions in DDA and solve the mystery of SOY balances.

Report Creator

Streamline and customize report cards and much more.

Student Schedule Creator

Students have input and the ability to create their own schedules.